The Sanctified Rant

sanctified-rant3So here goes, my second attempt at doing a blog. 

I don’t really know why I’m doing it cos I don’t actually like blogs, they’re generally time-consuming, often annoying, yet occasionally they can be inspiring. 

So what’s the sanctified rant all about?  Well basically I just like to rant!  It’s how I generally communicate which some appreciate and others despair of.  However, what the rant’s not going to be about is writing a load of negative or critical stuff about all sorts, cos life’s too short and if I’m going to spend time writing anything it’ll be to God’s glory and for the benefit of others.  Too many blogs, indeed too many people seem to know who and what they disagree with and build their identity around that.  Personally, I know who I believe in (Jesus Christ) and what I know is eternally pure and true (the gospel) so I think I’ll focus on that!

I want my rant to be sanctified (and sanctifiying).

So here’s what you can expect:

You may find hilarious episodes from my family life as a husband to a beautiful wife, a father to two amazing kids and the owner of a freakishly hefty dog!  There may be honest reflections of the trials and triumphs of our church-planting adventure on Trevethin – a hill-top council estate in the South Wales Valleys.  There may be scriptues that I’ve found helpful, sermon notes I’m shaping, song lyrics I’m working on or books/videos/MP3s I’m loving!

The sanctified rant might not necessarily be appreciated by some as I’m not a suck-up and I do tend to speak my mind, but it’ll be from the heart and it’ll be sincere.  If it’s a blessing to you – then praise God!  If not – then praise God – cos He’s worthy of praise regardless of what I type!

Let the rant commence…

2 thoughts on “The Sanctified Rant

  1. Hey Baby,

    Just wanted to say “I love you” – even though you blog now.

    We’ll work through it together.


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