Bible Overview – What Happened To The Tattoo?

bible-overview3This morning I went through the usual routine of seing the postman coming up the path, wrestling my dog to the ground to stop him trying to jump through the patio doors to kill the aforementioned postman, then releasing the (frustrated) dog and collecting the post once the postman was safely off the premises.  This morning the book I’ve been eagerly awaiting finally arrived on my doorstep – Bible Overview by Steve Levy. 

Curiously, however, upon closer inspection I realised that my copy is strangely different to that advertised on Amazon.  The Book advertised on Amazon has on its cover a bloke with a Bible poking out of his back pocket and a tattoo on his arm.  My copy however has the same bloke, same Bible, same buttock and same arm – but no tattoo!!!

My copy without tattoo!!

I’m just intrigued as to why the tattoo has disappeared (the sanctified airbrush no doubt!) Personally I’m a little disappointed as I felt the original cover said that this was a bloke who has been saved from the streets (and has the scars to prove it) yet had discovered that the Bible is just as much for him as it is for any other Christian. I’m not sure it says that anymore, which is a shame as I know Steve personally and know he longs to see the roughest and toughest come to Christ and is committed to helping people like that get connected to the Bible that he loves, believing strongly that it’s for them too!

That said I reckon it’ll still be a cracking read!

As for the mystery of the disappearing tattoo – I can only speculate.  All I know is that as a Christian with tattoos myself, I’m just a little reassured that the bloke’s tattoo on his left arm (back cover) managed to make it through the editing process!!

4 thoughts on “Bible Overview – What Happened To The Tattoo?

  1. every time I see the cover of that book, I can’t help but think it looks awefully similar to this image used by

    only the Project Church image always comes with tatoos.

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