Criminals, Cars and Answered Prayers

car criminalI woke up at 5:45am yesterday and was on my way to pray with my mate James when I noticed that Michelle’s car lights were on. As I got closer my heart sank as I saw that one of her back windows was smashed, the driver’s door was open and the dashboard had been pretty much smashed to bits! A very messy (and very poor) attempt to nick her car for a late-night joyride had clearly failed, leaving me and James trying to stick a black bag over the fractured window in typically strong winds and rain (it’s amazing how gaffa tape can hold the world together when it’s dry but can’t do jack when it’s wet!)

The police came but found nothing incriminating. My mate who’s a mechanic said the damage was too severe to justify getting it fixed (it was an old, albeit immensely reliable car!) So with heavy hearts we had to kiss goodbye to Michelle’s beloved VW Polo today – no insurance payout (excess was too much!) Literally a perfectly good car 24 hours ago, now on the scrap-heap (May she rust in peace!)

The mad thing is that me and Shel had been chatting and praying hard about whether or not we could justify having two cars on the road at the moment. Running 2 cars isn’t cheap, and in our case not always 100% necessary. Plus I love my bike and need to lose some chunk! So without even realising it, some little criminals became an answer to our prayers. We’re now a 1 car family again and I’ve got a seriously steep hill to be cycling up on a regular basis.

Our prayer now is that whoever did this to Michelle’s car will one day encounter the grace of God. We want them to see their sin for what it is, then see Jesus for who He is and be transformed by the power of His gospel. We’d love to have the privilege of being the ones who get to convey that grace to them, to explain that Jesus bled for their offences so that they could know forgiveness and new life. If God can answer our prayer for whether not we should have a second car, surely He’ll answer our prayers for whoever did this to get a second chance in Jesus.

Would you pray that with us?


One thought on “Criminals, Cars and Answered Prayers

  1. saw this blog on junctionj and read about your poorcar….thing is my purse has gone missing (just in this past hour)and what really hurt is that I actually had more than a dollar in it for the first time in a really long time!!! (not to mention all my i.d.)so needless to say I was really ticked off at myself and whoever!!! but here you are with your prayer for grace and all soooooooo…… I am in agreement….

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