Standard Issue – Daily Devotions for Ruffnecks

Standard IssueAbout 4 years I took a bunch of love-able rogues from St.Mellons away to a Christian camp for a week. It was an awesome camp, through which 4 of them professed faith in Christ. Obviously I was buzzin, though it soon became apparent that discipling a bunch of completely un-churched ruffnecks from an inner-city council estate isn’t the easiest of things to do. While I was 100% committed to helping them to live all-out for Jesus, and to get them stuck into studying the Bible for themselves, there just didn’t seem to be much stuff available for young people like this lot.

So I wrote some stuff myself.

Standard Issue is a collection of really simple daily devotions from the Bible that is aimed specifically at youth from the streets and proved a real hit with the boys in St.Mellons. Therefore, I’ve made all 12 weeks worth of material available for free on line at: You can either read the devotions online or download them as PDFs to print out as A5 booklets. On top of all that there’s also a bangin’ tune about the Scriptures called ‘The Good Book’ by Christian UKG artist, Sammy G, that you can listen to on the homepage too.

If you or anyone you know is working with marginalised youth or young offenders, please feel free to check out Standard Issue.

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