Stuff I’m Thankful For When I’m Stuck In The Snow

view from our front gardenYesterday evening we tried leaving our home in Trevethin to drive a couple of miles down the road to have some tea with my parents. About 10 yards into the journey I lost control of the car on the ice, crashing into a neighbour’s car (at 2mph) and then sliding helplessly down a steep slope, only just missing a second car at the bottom! It was pretty sketchy to say the least! After sorting things out with the neighbour we tried leaving the street and this time made it about 5 metres up the road before again the tyres lost traction and we slid back down again.

We were literally stuck in our street!

So we went home and spent the rest of the evening together, and as we watched the snow piling up throughout the evening, I started to feel really grateful to God about all sorts of things. So for what it’s worth, here’s my list of Stuff I’m thankful for when I’m stuck in the snow:

God – David once wrote “I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” (Psalm 34v1) Learning to praise God in every season and circumstance of life is a discipline I think I’ll always be learning. After crashing what is now our only car, I’m choosing to praise God simply for being who He is because despite how stupid I am to even try and drive down a steep slope in the ice, He is unchangingly good, His love endures forever, His grace is sufficient and my salvation is secure!

Family – Being stuck in my house with my beautiful wife and my two gorgeous kids is hardly a trial – it’s actually a blessing. They’re all fit, healthy and happy and so I thank God for that! Watching Elen playing with her baby brother last night, then falling asleep with Michelle with a coffee on the sofa was pretty cool too (didn’t spill the coffee either!)

Dog – I love what snow does to Boaz, our hefty lump of a dog. He’s now 7 years old, but when I took him out for his walk last night he was like a little (7 stone) puppy – running, digging, pouncing and basically going nuts! Makes a change from barking, dribbling, scratching and generally smelling!

Home – Unlike many in the world, we have a house, it’s warm, dry, safe and we don’t take it for granted. Thank you Jesus.

Food – By God’s grace Michelle had been to Tesco just before the snow had come in. Again, many in the world don’t have enough food for a day in their home, let alone for a week. Couple that with water that’s still running from our taps and once again I count myself immensely blessed!

Technology – To be honest until recently I’ve been a bit of a Luddite when it comes to technology, preferring the old fashioned means of communication like actually talking to someone face-to-face (we’ve only been online for about 4 months!) However, here I am on my Mac, knocking out a blog, able to update the church website, able to research my next sermon, sitting next to my mobile with full signal, and buzzin’ cos I just read online that Cardiff City have re-signed Michael Chopra…maybe technology is a blessing after all!

Trevethin – There’s so much to love about this community that will probably be the material of another blog! However, living at 900ft above sea level when the snow comes in is something else – incredible views across the valley to the front, the Brecon Beacons a few minutes walk to the rear, and amazing local kids who sledge, dig and build in the snow in a way that reassures me that the innocence of childhood isn’t dead yet!

Snow – I’m 32 but I still love the snow and still get excited when it comes! In a crazy way it kind of reminds me of God – pure, clean, refreshing and able to transform even the most ugly slag-heaps across the valley into monuments of beauty.

My Bible – Right here by my side is my trusty Bible (ESV if you’re interested!) I’ve got 3 sermons to write this week on Freedom, Salvation for Gangsters and Relationships. This immense book is all I need because God still speaks today, whether it’s snowing or not! Love that!!

Coffee – One of God’s best inventions. We have a healthy supply here, so it’s all going to be OK…

One thought on “Stuff I’m Thankful For When I’m Stuck In The Snow

  1. I have to say I’m with you on the snow thing. Once we get over the panic of whether we can get to work or not and whether the schools will be open and whether we’ve remembered to panic buy the last loaves of bread in every shop – lets face it, snow is great! The image of kids wrapped up like little michelin men, doing the timeless traditions of snowballing, sledging and snowman building takes us all back to our childhood. I work from home and so sadly missed out on the free duvet-day that many of the working population were treated to, however I have to say that it was a bit of a releif – waving my husband off into what felt like the Antarctic yesterday morning made me glad that all I had to do was grab my coffee (also with you on the many virtues of coffee by the way) and go back upstairs to my lovely warm office. As the morning passed and the snow thickened, my husband was sent home from work and I was blessed by what i refer to as one of God’s little treats – they’re those little moments that outsiders don’t even tend to notice, moments that touch your heart and you cant help but grin like a Cheshire cat. A private something that is insignificant to those around you but God in all his wisdom knows will bring a smile to face and a glow to your heart. Mine was this simple – I stopped for a coffee break and noticed how quiet the house had become (bear in mind that due to school closures it had been bursting at the seams with children most of the morning), so I stuck my head out of the front door to investigate and was greeted by a scene of such family harmony that I had to just stand and watch for a while. Out on the street. amid a battlefield of snowballs was my husband, playing football with our son and my step-daughters’s boyfriend, along with a couple of other kids from the street. Along side them on the pavement was my step-daughter and her friend from accross the street, both helping my 4yr old build a snowman which was already bigger than she is. The shouts of laughter, teasing and general sense of fun that echoed up the street with my family, an particularly my husband (who at this point was the only adult brave enough to venture out) at the centre of it all gave me such a feeling of pride. I just stood there for a few minutes knowing that God had deliberately kept me out of that scene (because if it hadnt been for the fact I was working I would have undoubtably been out there playing too!!) so that I could stand at a distance and fully appreciate it in all its wonder.

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