Salt Shortage

gritterRight I know I said the 10 Good Reason To Church Plant post was coming today (and it still might later), but after yet another massive dump of snow here last night (6 inches), and once again being unable to leave the estate, I thought I’d just write a few lines about a potential national crisis that has got me thinking about the church and the state of the nation. Basically the UK is running out of salt! Or grit, as some prefer to call it! Either way, it’s not a problem that’s unique to the highways of the UK, it’s becoming a crisis in the church too.

1. Salt – Jesus tells us that we are “the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5v13). OK He probably wasn’t referring to salt as an ice-melting road redeemer, but more likely  as an agent for flavouring, preservation and purification. In other words we are meant to be people who, by allowing the gospel to permeate every area of our lives, enable others to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’ Our salt should also make those around us thirsty for the living waters of God’s grace. Furthermore, by pursuing holiness and letting the Holy Spirit make us more and more like Jesus we are to be people who effectively stand against sin and all its devastating effects in our society.

Christians with integrity, purity and missional priority. How much does our nation need shovel-fulls of those at the moment?

2. Grit – When the Forward Movement set out on a mission to take the gospel to the English speaking ‘ghettos’ of South Wales in the 19th Century, John Pugh distributed a poster that sought “to secure men of grace, grit and gumption” to join them on the mission. Grit in this instance clearly referred to men with courage, determination, strong resolve and balls of steel! It recognised that such a mission as this wasn’t for soppy church pansies, but rather saints who could take a punch, put in the hard yards and keep going with grace!

I wonder if such a poster went up in our churches today, how many Christians would actually fit the bill?

While our roads may suffer from an insufficient supply of salt/grit, let’s pray that the same will never be said of our churches!

One thought on “Salt Shortage

  1. I read this and was sruck by the way the Lord has spoken about things that effect us each day, yes as christians we are supposed to be the salt of the earth and spread his grace for all to see, if we shine with the Lord’s grace then everyone who needs to see that grace will see it in our lives and God willing come to know the Lord.may the Lord spread his salt or grit through us to other people who may be saved through Jesus Amen to that dai

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