Happy Birthday Hill City Church!

birthday cakeYesterday was Hill City Church’s 1st birthday! An incredible 52 weeks have now passed since we opened up the doors of our house to anyone who was up for joining us on this mad little adventure of incarnating and faithfully proclaiming the gospel on a hill-top council estate in the valleys.

And what a way to celebrate…

Kept out our usual building by the snow, we had to go old school and find space in our little terraced house for 30 people (exactly 10 times the number we started with a year ago!) It was absolutely nuts! My mate Ben, being a brainy sort, pointed out that we have experienced a 1000% growth rate this year, which just sounds ludicrous (though apparently it is mathematically accurate!)

I’m so grateful to God for the growth of Hill City Church, both numerically (breadth) but also spiritually (depth). While this year has been incredibly tough in many ways for us, it’s also been immense. By God’s grace we’ve been able to engage this community both authentically and effectively. The lost have been reached and the prodigals have come home.

I can honestly say that pastoring this church is a privilege and a joy. For real! The love, life and laughter that characterises Hill City is unlike anything I’ve ever known in church before, and the passionate commitment from everyone to the vision and the mission that God has entrusted to us is both humbling and exhilarating!

Could we cope with 1000% growth next year? God only knows! All I know is that in these last 12 months my love for Jesus and for this awesome little church have grown deeper than I could have imagined!

Happy Birthday Hill City Church. I love you to bits!

Roll on year 2…

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hill City Church!

  1. Happy Birthday Hill City church
    may God continue to work and that the church grows, with Jesus in the midst it should go from strength to strength
    I am so blessed to be part of this christian family, may God Bless Dai and his family as the reach out to others here in Trevethin, and may the Lord be with each and every one who comes to Hill City Church

  2. Commit to the Lord whatever you do,and your plans will succeed.(Pro16-3)Looks like your plans for a local Church has congratulation. Young Dai

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