Back To The Old Skool

old skool dapsAs I answered the church phone yesterday, the voice on the other end of the line sounded chillingly familiar – my old headmaster had got in touch 14 years after I had left the school! Fortunately he wasn’t phoning to summon me to detention, or to speak to my mam about my unacceptable behaviour. Quite the opposite in fact…

He was actually responding to a letter that I had written to him a few weeks ago, informing him that I was no longer the obnoxious toe-rag that I had been for the vast majority of my school career, but had since become a Christian and had returned to the valley as a pastor. I told him that I was willing and able to take assemblies, R.E classes or to serve the school in any other way. Miraculously, he agreed (with some enthusiasm) and consequently I’m now lined up to take a series of assemblies after half term. I’m probably going to perform my latest rap ‘My Girls’ and try to tie it in with Mother’s Day.

It’s such a privilege to be allowed to go back to the old school and serve them in this capacity. I’ve NEVER been back since I left, so it’s going to feel pretty weird! I was a thoroughly unpleasant, malicious yob when I was there, and was no stranger to the headmaster’s office for all the wrong reasons. There may well be a few raised eyebrows amongst the staff when they see me back on the turf again too! But the reality is that Jesus has since redeemed my life from the pit, set my feet on a rock and actually given me something worth singing about! So I can’t wait!!

Your prayers for wisdom and grace would be greatly appreciated…

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