trevolutionOK so we’re back to the serious posts now!

Just a really quick one to ask you to pray for our new youth event – Trevolution. We’ve been doing church on the estate for over a year now and have got to know lots of the local youth informally. However, tomorrow evening (Monday) we launch our brand-new weekly youth outreach event, which we’re buzzing about!

Trevolution is aimed at High school aged youth and we’ve got some pretty sweet stuff lined up for them, including DJing, Emceeing, Big Screen Wii, indoor swingball, beauty therapy (for the girls obviously), craft, games, munch and my own personal favourite – Trevolution Top Gear (racing against the clock with the chunkiest, beastiest petrol-powered radio-controlled car you’ve ever seen!) At the end of each evening will be the option to stay in for a gospel presentation, which we hope and pray most will stay for.

Please pray:

  • For the team (to be united, strong and full of grace and truth)
  • For the youth (to be blessed, behaved and saved)
  • For the estate (to see the change in the youth and give God the credit for it!)
  • For the building (to be respected and kept safe)

Thanks guys. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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