Trevolution Successfully Launched

trevolution grunge logoGuys just a super-quick post (cos I’m way too shattered to write much) to say thank you so much for your prayers for Trevolution. In a nut-shell – it was amazing!

  • Over 50 youth came, most of whom were waiting outside the gates for over an hour to get in! The manager said he’s never seen so many young people in the building on a youth night ever! Praise God!!!
  • It was high-energy, sanctified chaos all night, but the overall feeling was that it was an immense night and the youth seemed to love it!
  • It was nice to go back to my roots and do some youth work and DJing again. It’s been too long!
  • The Trevolution team are just class and did a fantastic job all night.
  • Our 2 Ministry Apprentices just came into their own! Heather had so much stuff sorted for the kids (and cooked an awesome lasagne too!) And Pete just did a great job leading the whole thing through and holding it together as he tried (against all odds) to give a short gospel talk to 20 odd bonkers young people!

So yeah, roll on next Monday! Please do keep praying for Trevolution, for our team and above all for the youth – that they would engage with the gospel and find true life in Jesus.

Right, that’s it – I’m off to bed…

2 thoughts on “Trevolution Successfully Launched

  1. Great news! long may its success continue. Well done to all involved – you’re the true hands and heart of Christ at work in Trevethin!

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