Scratching The Itch

aaa1Next Sunday I finish the sixth and final part of Hill City Church’s AAA sermon series. AAA stands for ‘Ask Absolutely Anything’ and is a series that does exactly what it says on the tin! Inspired by a recent series (of a similar title) preached by Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church, AAA gave members of Hill City the platform to ask questions that they really wanted answers to, with the onus on me to answer them as honestly, biblically and lovingly as I could.

So why blog about this?

Basically, because for the last 3 sundays (and this sunday coming too) I’ve been getting stretched in my preaching more than ever – but in a good way! I have never been ‘asked’ to preach on money, spiritualism, suffering and relationships before, yet these are the issues that my church want to know what they should believe about. It’s just really humbled me to realise that I preach so often from so many scriptures, yet perhaps have on occasion been guilty of failing to scratch where my people are really itching. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’ve been completely missing the mark – I just think that there’s always got to be room for discerning where the church are truly at and responding accordingly. I don’t think AAA has been my most polished preaching, but I do think that there’s been a refreshing rawness, humility and sincerity that’s come through. I also hope that it’s proved to the people of Hill City (who I love to bits) that I care about them enough to step out of my comfort zone and try (to the best of my ability) to scracth where they’re itching.

AAA round 2 is already pencilled in for later in the year with questions about Suicide, War and Discerning the Voice of God already lined up to be answered.

Can’t wait!

One thought on “Scratching The Itch

  1. Dai
    God asked you to scratch our itches and scratch you did lol and as you said “Not polished” but well refined
    questions were answered and God gave you the answers.I for one look forward to the next A.A.A
    and as always look forward to coming to church every sunday like never before
    praise be to the Lord for sending you and your lovely family to trevethin

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