New Breed Church Planting

new breed logoIn 2005 I hooked up with a small posse of Christians from across South Wales, most of whom I hardly knew, in a Starbucks coffee shop in Swansea. The bloke who’d gathered us all together was an American I’d recently met at a Bible conference, called Peyton Jones. He wanted to share with us a bold vision for church planting in Wales which he referred to as New Breed. For several hours we drank coffee, shared our hearts and gave our focussed attention to the New Breed vision. For some it seems that New Breed wasn’t for them. However, for me and Peyton it was just the beginning and within a few years he had planted Pillar Community Church in Swansea, and a year later I planted Hill City Church in Trevethin.

Without realising it at the time – New Breed was happening.

Peyton has since become a close friend and a brother in arms and we’ve been able to spend considerably more time thinking and praying through exactly what New Breed is. What we’ve come up with is a blueprint to establish a church planting movement that seeks to plant churches in Wales that are biblical, missional and radical. We have drawn-up a 3 fold strategy to see this happen:

  1. Planting Of Innovative Churches
  2. Training Course For Prospective Church Planters
  3. Network  Of  Current and Future Church Planters

We are currently in the midst of exploring some really exciting and strategic gospel partnerships with significant ministries in South Wales that could serve to make the New Breed vision become reality. We hope to share more about this at our first New Breed Coffeerence, which is an informal, albeit purposeful gathering for all those interested or involved in church planting in Wales. WEST (Wales Evangelical School of Theology) have kindly agreed to host the Coffeerence which will take place on Saturday April 18th.

For more information about this Coffeerence, and to keep up to speed with the progress of New Breed, check out our new blog.

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