Breaking Bread In Moccasins

slippersAt Hill City Church we take communion every week. However, we don’t do it on Sundays (which might sound outrageous to some) but rather in our homegroups on Tuesday evenings. Our reason for this is simple – we don’t see communion being done publicly in scripture, but rather intimately and privately in locations such as people’s homes (e.g. Acts 2v46). We see our sunday services as a shop window for the church – an open door for all comers (believers or not) to come and join us as we learn from the Bible. We regularly have young people off the streets coming in to hang out with us (and scoff our biscuits!) Taking communion in this kind of context we feel, would potentially alienate or confuse unbelieving visitors such as these.

Our homegroups, however, are geared specifically for Christians to come and interactively study scripture, worship, pray and encourage one another. This seems (both biblically and practically) like the perfect setting for us to remember the broken body and redeeming blood of Jesus as it is the cross that unites us as God’s family. I was reminded of the beauty of communion again last night during homegroup at our house. As I was serving the wine I looked down and realised that I was still wearing my moccasins! It felt a bit weird initially, but then it dawned on me just how profound it actually was! I wear my moccasins when I’m at home with my family, and that’s what realy blessed me – I was with my family – my brothers and sisters were with me! It’s so encouraging that as we share life together in the warmth and security of our homegroups, we can confess sin, endure hardships, intercede and face our fears together, knowing that each week we will break bread and be confronted once again by the cross that binds us tight and speaks forever of grace, mercy, healing and hope.

Hill City is such a close, joyful and loving church and has been since the start. If breaking bread together in our slippers has got anything to do with it, then long may it continue!

One thought on “Breaking Bread In Moccasins

  1. We had a communion in our house groups last week (I don’t think we ever have in the 8 years I’ve been part of the Church). It was awesome, intermit, communal, moving. Most of all it made us remember Christ together!

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