Txt Worship

txtAfter the last Ignite event my boss and good friend Gary Smith asked me if I could think of any creative ways of encouraging our young people to engage more deeply during the worship time in the next event. For some reason I came up with the random idea of encouraging them to use their mobiles to text their personal expressions of worship to God, and for us to put them up on screen during the sung worship.

Fair play to Gary he was well up for it…so last night we went for it! And boy was it inspiring! Text messages flooded in all night and the tech team couldn’t type them out fast enough. It really did seem to capture the raw passion that so many young people feel towards their Saviour Jesus. There was a real buzz as they joyfully tapped away on their phones and read the heart cries that were being broadcast in the midst of corporate worship.

It was immense!

Texts were still being received long after the event had finished. This morning the guys at Ignite sent me an email with 6 pages of A4 that were crammed with beautiful, sincere txt worship! I’ve put 12 of them below though were plenty more to pick from. I hope they encourage you as much as they’ve encouraged us: 

  • Thank u for forgivin me for the bad sinful things I’ve dun in the past.
  • A broken heart fixed by the Almighty God – forever praise his name!
  • Lord God, Jesus my saviour, my provider, my redeemer, Thank you for counting me worth saving. I love you man! Amen amen amen!
  • U have never let me down. I luv u Jesus!
  • God I thank you for your mercy. Thank u for washing me clean and taking the pain away Lord I love u so much
  • Thank you God for loving a screw up like me
  • I love u Jesus, with all my heart!
  • Jesus Christ, PRAISE YOUR BEAUTIFUL NAME FOR EVER, AND EVER AND EVER! You alone deserve our worship! May it be a sweet sounds in your ear! Be lifted high in this place tonight. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Take what little we can give you. We praise you. Let your Kingdom come! You alone can set us free.
  • Thank you God for being there
  • I LOVE YOU JESUS! My life my awesome God Thank you.
  • 160 letters & numbers is FAR TOO SMALL for what you deserve LORD! Thank you for saving us, sustaining us and being truly awesome & more faithful than I can dream of being! Holy Holy is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! Hallelujah

4 thoughts on “Txt Worship

  1. wow gory be to god,I knew mobile phones could be set to the good of these youths,praise be to the lord who deserves all these Txt messages

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