Month: April 2009

Freestyle Sex Ed.

In the spirit of the previous post I thought I’d share this little video of MOBO award-winning Chrustian rapper, Jahaziel, rapping some freestyle lyrics about sex. Really inspiring and a great clip to use with youth.



Offensive Little Rapper

Teaching at Offensive09A few weeks ago I had an email from a pastor in Newport saying that one of the young people I had taught to emcee at a youth camp last month, and who had done the Offensive course last year, wrote and performed a rap in church on Easter Sunday that was all about the cross. Apparently it brought the house down! Anyway, he did Offensive again on Saturday and I met his dad who was blown away by the depth and passion of the lyrics that his son had penned. When this boy rapped it for me, I was so impressed that I asked him to email the lyrics to me, so that I could post them up on my blog!

He willingly obliged so I’ve copied them below. I hope they’re a blessing to you! (Bear in mind this kid’s only 14!!!)

Stuff like this makes the Offensive course so worth doing…

I’ma follow him and I won’t give up / ‘cuz he took my place and he took the cup
He’d done nothing wrong yet he drank it up / so now I decided to lift him up
He was convicted to die, up on a hill / he was crucified like those who kill
He coulda backed down but he said your will / and he raised back up and he lives on still.

Yo! Jesus took all my sin away / it went down with him on the cross that day
‘cuz he was and is life, truth and the way / but you can’t keep living your life in the grey
So think about just what I say / where you gonna go on judgement day?
I’ll say again Jesus took my sin away / but the choice is yours at the end of the day

JESUS! It’s amazing what you did / JESUS! It’s amazing hope you give
JESUS! Your life’s how I want to live / JESUS! Assaulted now exalted
JESUS! It’s amazing what you did / JESUS! It’s amazing hope you give
JESUS! Your life’s how I want to live / JESUS! Assaulted now exalted

He carried the cross with his back ripped open / while all the people was laughin’ and joking
Roman soldiers threw lots for his clothin’ / stripped hung up on a hill in the open
Humiliated, up there he died / as he did “it is finished!” he cried
But, thing is he knew he would rise / and as a result I am purified

Yo it’s his salvation that I claim / it’s eternal life with him I gain
C’mon man you won’t ever be the same / I promise this in Jesus’ name
You won’t wanna turn your back again / you’ll just wanna give Jesus the praise
True man it means a massive change / but think it’s worth it in the end

Yeah it’s terrible how crucifixion killed / it’s hard to imagine it’s what God willed
But ‘cuz of the way Christ’s blood was spilled / the God shaped hole in my heart is filled
I just rapped a line about a God shaped hole / I believe it exists in every human soul
Without it filled life’s dark and cold / but get with God man he’ll make you whole

Something about salvation’s great / there ain’t like a point where he says “too late”
He’ll welcome you back in and he’ll call you “mate” / but that don’t mean you can say “I’ll wait”
‘cuz judgement day man it could be tomorrow / if that’s the case you’ll be filled with sorrow
Sorry pal but hell’s the place that ya go / unless Jesus Christ is a guy that ya know

Trevolution Link-Up

link-up logoTrevolution continues to be a massive hit with the youth of Trevethin with anywhere between 40-50 youth attending on Monday nights. However, a door has just opened for us as a Church to build even further on what we’ve already got going on…

Following a fantastic week of assemblies in West Mon Comprehensive School recently, I was invited (along with my 2 awesome Ministry Apprentices – Pete and Heth) to meet up with the Deputy Headmaster. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possibility of us partnering with the school to work with some of their pupils who, for various reasons, might need help, support and encouragement to engage more fully into school life. As we are already in relationship with many of these young people through Trevolution, it seemed a logical progression to extend our commitment to them beyond the club atmosphere of Monday nights and into the daily reality of school.

Consequently, this Friday afternoon we are starting Trevolution Link-Up. Link-Up will be a weekly hour-long session in a specially designated class room with pupils (initially in Year 7) during which time we can really draw alongside them to listen to them, build them up and mentor them.

We’re really excited about this and about the potential to serve these kids with grace and compassion. God’s finger-prints are all over Link-Up and it’s a door that He’s clearly opened up for us. We’re also really honoured and humbled by the whole thing as it was the school who approached us about this, not the other way around (and when you consider that it’s my old school – it’s a jolly miracle!) However, we’re also feeling quite daunted too! This is a massive responsibility for us and we don’t want to let the kids, the school or the Church down by being either complacent or inconsistent.

So please would you pray for us this Friday. Please pray that as we work with these precious kids, the love of God would be evident through our words, deeds and attitudes and that the gospel would take root in their lives.

Offensive Training

flyer-frontJust another quick post to let you know about an evangelism training day that I’m running at Woodville Baptist church in Cardiff this coming Saturday. Offensive: Cross-Driven Mission is an evangelism training course for youth, youth leaders and students that I have been running for Ignite for 4 years now. While the course has definitely been steadily improving each year, this year promises to be a whole new beast!

Rather than running as a monthly event over a 6 month period, we’ve decided to do the whole thing in a single day. Furthermore, rather than me doing all the teaching, we’re now introducing 6 fantastic practical seminars throughout the day. Issues covered include: 

  • Digital Mission -Dan Clemo (Storm VC)
  • Words That Work – Pete Hodge (OAC)
  • Fighting On Our Faces – Carl Brettle (An Open Door)
  • Telling Your Story – James Richards & Simon Matheson (Banah Ministries)
  • Relational Evangelism – Peyton Jones (Pillar/New Breed)
  • Creative Outreach – Dai Wooldridge (Going Public Theatre Co.)

The whole day costs £20 which includes a T-shirt, donuts-all-day and a copy of the Offensive book that I’ve just had published. If you, or any young people/youth leaders/students that you know are interested, please feel free to book your place online and I’ll see you on Saturday. Otherwise, would you please remember to pray for the event, that God will use it to inspire those who come to both embrace and understand the gospel more deeply, and to take it out into their world with a fresh sense of passion and urgency.


Caffeinated & Elated

new breedOK so the Coffeerence is over and it was immense. This post is to simply tell you what went on, and why I’m so buzzing about the whole New Breed thing:

New Breed Coffeerence – 18th April, 2009
Well I turned up at WEST at 9:30am and after being given a load of grief for no apparent reason by the caretaker, I started setting things up in the Chapel. Peyton arrived soon after with coffee on tap and a crate of donuts, and from then on it was plain sailing! People started turning up from about 9:45 onwards and by the time we started at just gone 10am there must have been around 30 of us there. To me the most encouraging thing was just how young the delegates were – most in their twenties and thirties, some in their forties and fifties, and some even in their teens! Regardless of whether or not they all choose to roll with New Breed or not, I was just blessed to see so many Christians from this generation who see church-planting in Wales as an adventure worth pursuing!

After a great time of sung worship, Peyton kicked the first session off with an introduction to New Breed and an overview of the journey so far. He told us that church planting was like jumping out of a plane and that while we weren’t experts, we had done it, were still buzzing off it and were now committed to encouraging others who are crazy about the gospel to jump too! After sharing how his church plant, Pillar Community Church, had come about, he handed over to me to unpack the New Breed mission statement:

“New Breed is a network of church planters who are dedicated to planting biblical, missional and radical churches in Wales.”

I simply emphasised the need for a Welsh church planting network that both understands and loves this nation, and then spent the rest of the session explaining the importance of planting churches that are Biblical, Missional and Radical:

  • Biblical – Rooted in Scripture
  • Missional – Reaching the lost
  • Radical – Redeeming Culture

I closed the session by offering every one the gift of a pebble – small, hard, apparently insignificnat and neither glamorous nor impressive, yet unquestionably useful and unique – just like church planting!

Following a very quick caffeine pit-stop we then gave each person who had come an opportunity to share their own hearts and burdens for the gospel in Wales, and it was really exciting to hear what they had to say. I was just so encouraged to hear how God is speaking to so many people across the nation about the same urgent need to plant cutting edge, gospel-preaching churches.

In the final session, Peyton introduced New Breed Jump School – the first of two exciting training programmes that we are looking to launch in September. Jump School is 3 weekends of intensive, practical training held at different points throughout the next academic year and is essentially the access-point to join the New Breed Network. It will be taught by various church-planting experts and practitioners who have been there, done it, jumped out of the plane and lived to tell the tale…

I then briefly mentioned Hill City Church, before introducing the second Training programme – the New Breed Course. The details of this are still very much up in the air but we are in advanced conversations with Highfields Church about the prospect of running a church planting training programme to compliment the Network theological training course that they already run. If this goes ahead it will be a 30 week course broken down into 3 ten week terms, that will go much deeper into practically and theologically preparing people to plant biblical, missional and radical churches. I then shared the second part of the mission statement:

“New Breed assists in launching cutting-edge churches by providing innovative training and practical support for church planters by church planters.”

I ended the session by explaining the four benefits of joining the New Breed church planters’ network:

  • Get Excited – Shared adventures
  • Receieve Encouragement – Shared Burdens
  • Gain Experience – Shared Wisdom
  • Be Equipped – Shared Resources

I closed in prayer and then opened up a time of Q&A, in which me and Peyton tried our best to answer as many questions and queries as we could.

We rounded things off, chatted with as many people as possible and then legged it as quick as we could, not wanting to incur the wrath of the caretaker!

From what we’ve heard so far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, though I’m sure there were a few who didn’t quite get it/were a bit freaked out by it! We handed around a notepad for all who were considering joining New Breed to give us their deets and we’ll be sending out enrollment forms for Jump School in the near future. I guess we’ll know who’s up for the jump then!

The audio of the sessions will be available very soon on the New Breed blog.

Thanks to everyone who came, contributed, shared passion, drank coffee and got excited with us! May God use you all mightily to see this nation transformed by the power of His awesome gospel!

New Breed Coffeerence

a5-1Tomorrow is a massive day for me and my mate Peyton. The New Breed church planting vision, that we’ve shared for several years now, has been steadily gathering momentum and taking shape over recent months. Tomorrow we’re hosting the first ever New Breed Cofference at WEST. It’s a gathering of like-minded church planters and ‘would-be’ church planters, who are united by a passion for seeing radical churches established in Wales that both embrace Scripture and engage culture without fear or compromise.

At the Coffeerence we’ll be explaining exactly what New Breed is all about, unveiling some of the really exciting training and networking opportunities that have recently sprung up, and listening to the hearts, dreams and burdens of each of the delegates. We’ll also worship together, pray together, and drink a ridiculuos amount of coffee in a very short space of time!

Can’t wait!

Please do pray for us tomorrow – that despite us two bone-heads being involved, God will still show up to speak, bless, encourage and inspire.

It really is my prayer that tomorrow will be a significant day for the gospel in Wales!