Easter Reflections Pt.1 – The Savage Beauty of the Cross

crossIt’s been a fantastic Easter weekend! Hectic in many ways but full of gospel grace and despite all the busyness I’ve had lots of time to reflect on the glory of the Easter story and just why it’s still the best news ever! Over the next few day I’m going to be sharing a few of my Easter reflections:

1. The Savage Beauty of the cross: Several years ago my very good friend Ben Franks (who helped us to plant Hill City) started writing a song which opened with the lyrics “On the cross of savage beauty, My sin was nailed to a perfect body”. As far as I know he still hasn’t finished writing it, but to me those words really do captivate the essence of what the cross was all about. It was savage because it was God showing the world the sheer horror of sin and just how offensive it is to him. In effect it was God saying to our guilty world“look what your sin does to me!” Even after being a Christian for 17 years, the cross still rocks me to the core, because it was MY sins that put Him there – I deserved that death!

However, the cross is also intensely beautiful. As Paul reminds us in Romans 5v8 – it was God demonstrating His own, deep love towards us. The love that God holds towards us is neither passive nor sentimental, but active and sacrificial! On the cross God was actually forgiving the unforgivable, redeeming the wretched and opening a way to the Father for rebels like me who have no right to be in His holy presence. Nothing displays the beauty of God’s grace to us more graphically and more beautifully than the cross. Therefore, only focussing on the savage reality of our sin on Good Friday is to do a disservice to what was truly taking place on that dark day on Calvary. The cross was, in effect, God saying to our broken world “Look how much I love you – I love you to death!” 

As far as I’m concerned, Good Friday should be a day of both sober reflection and repentence, coupled with deep gratitude and passionate worship to our God who loves us unconditionally, even to the point of death on a cross.

Praise God for the savage beauty of the Cross!

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