Easter Reflections Pt.3 – The Resurrection Changes Everything!

resurrectionEaster Sunday was a special day for Hill City Church. It was our first public Resurrection Celebration as a church and what a day it turned out to be! We had lots of new faces and visitors with us as Michelle opened the worship time with Thine Be The Glory – the Behemoth of Easter anthems. I did the kids talk about chickens, eggs and new life, then dished out a bunch of Kinder Surprise eggs. There was hardly a dry eye in the house as Michelle bravely told the story of how God had healed her and given her the gift of new life in the midst of dark depression as a teenager. Finally, James preached a simple, passionate sermon about why the resurrection is such good news and should remind us that:

  • All our sins are completely forgiven
  • Jesus is totally tustworthy
  • Our hope will never die
  • Jesus can still give others new life like He did for us

After the service we had an Easter Feast, during which time I was able to sit in the gorgeous sunshine outside, chatting with some new people, sharing their stories, explaining the gospel and even talk about possibility of baptisms in the summer. Buzzin! The mad thing is – who the dickens am I to talk to anyone about life, love, God, grace and hope? I was as lost as anyone, dead in sin and destined for hell! So what changed me? Christianity? Nope!


I met Jesus, or rather He sought me out and saved me! My hope is a living hope because Jesus is alive! Trusting a dead Jesus is like putting lip-stick on a corpse – pointless, stupid and a bit sick (just like religion!) But trusting a living Saviour – well now that’s completely different and it’s what sets Jesus apart from all other saviours!

The resurrection changes everything!

There’s thousands of people I could speak to in Trevethin alone who, like me, could never turn their lives around by their own releigious efforts. Dead people can’t do jack! But Jesus – well if He beat death itself, and the same power that rose Him from the grave is at work in me and making me like Jesus, then there’s no one that I can ever meet who is unchangable or beyond help and hope! The beauty is that whoever turns to Christ can have precious new life because Jesus is alive.

Literally, the resurrection changes everything!!

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