New Breed Coffeerence

a5-1Tomorrow is a massive day for me and my mate Peyton. The New Breed church planting vision, that we’ve shared for several years now, has been steadily gathering momentum and taking shape over recent months. Tomorrow we’re hosting the first ever New Breed Cofference at WEST. It’s a gathering of like-minded church planters and ‘would-be’ church planters, who are united by a passion for seeing radical churches established in Wales that both embrace Scripture and engage culture without fear or compromise.

At the Coffeerence we’ll be explaining exactly what New Breed is all about, unveiling some of the really exciting training and networking opportunities that have recently sprung up, and listening to the hearts, dreams and burdens of each of the delegates. We’ll also worship together, pray together, and drink a ridiculuos amount of coffee in a very short space of time!

Can’t wait!

Please do pray for us tomorrow – that despite us two bone-heads being involved, God will still show up to speak, bless, encourage and inspire.

It really is my prayer that tomorrow will be a significant day for the gospel in Wales!

2 thoughts on “New Breed Coffeerence

  1. Mate it was awesome! I’ll do a post on it in the next day or so, and we’ll also put something up on the New Breed blog, but in short it was a really encouraging day!

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