Offensive Training

flyer-frontJust another quick post to let you know about an evangelism training day that I’m running at Woodville Baptist church in Cardiff this coming Saturday. Offensive: Cross-Driven Mission is an evangelism training course for youth, youth leaders and students that I have been running for Ignite for 4 years now. While the course has definitely been steadily improving each year, this year promises to be a whole new beast!

Rather than running as a monthly event over a 6 month period, we’ve decided to do the whole thing in a single day. Furthermore, rather than me doing all the teaching, we’re now introducing 6 fantastic practical seminars throughout the day. Issues covered include: 

  • Digital Mission -Dan Clemo (Storm VC)
  • Words That Work – Pete Hodge (OAC)
  • Fighting On Our Faces – Carl Brettle (An Open Door)
  • Telling Your Story – James Richards & Simon Matheson (Banah Ministries)
  • Relational Evangelism – Peyton Jones (Pillar/New Breed)
  • Creative Outreach – Dai Wooldridge (Going Public Theatre Co.)

The whole day costs £20 which includes a T-shirt, donuts-all-day and a copy of the Offensive book that I’ve just had published. If you, or any young people/youth leaders/students that you know are interested, please feel free to book your place online and I’ll see you on Saturday. Otherwise, would you please remember to pray for the event, that God will use it to inspire those who come to both embrace and understand the gospel more deeply, and to take it out into their world with a fresh sense of passion and urgency.


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