Trevolution Link-Up

link-up logoTrevolution continues to be a massive hit with the youth of Trevethin with anywhere between 40-50 youth attending on Monday nights. However, a door has just opened for us as a Church to build even further on what we’ve already got going on…

Following a fantastic week of assemblies in West Mon Comprehensive School recently, I was invited (along with my 2 awesome Ministry Apprentices – Pete and Heth) to meet up with the Deputy Headmaster. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possibility of us partnering with the school to work with some of their pupils who, for various reasons, might need help, support and encouragement to engage more fully into school life. As we are already in relationship with many of these young people through Trevolution, it seemed a logical progression to extend our commitment to them beyond the club atmosphere of Monday nights and into the daily reality of school.

Consequently, this Friday afternoon we are starting Trevolution Link-Up. Link-Up will be a weekly hour-long session in a specially designated class room with pupils (initially in Year 7) during which time we can really draw alongside them to listen to them, build them up and mentor them.

We’re really excited about this and about the potential to serve these kids with grace and compassion. God’s finger-prints are all over Link-Up and it’s a door that He’s clearly opened up for us. We’re also really honoured and humbled by the whole thing as it was the school who approached us about this, not the other way around (and when you consider that it’s my old school – it’s a jolly miracle!) However, we’re also feeling quite daunted too! This is a massive responsibility for us and we don’t want to let the kids, the school or the Church down by being either complacent or inconsistent.

So please would you pray for us this Friday. Please pray that as we work with these precious kids, the love of God would be evident through our words, deeds and attitudes and that the gospel would take root in their lives.

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