Scrambled Egg Church

scrambled-eggChurch was awesome yesterday!

Over 40 in attendance, several new faces in the house, people who were new a month ago now regulars, strong evidence of salvation in real lives, sung worship led beautifully, kids running everywhere robbing biscuits in a safe and secure environment, youth walking in off the streets and joining in with Sunday School and sticking round for refreshments afterwards! To top it all off I got to preach the gospel to a responsive congregation who have either never heard this stuff before or can’t hear it enough! Happy days!

For me though, one of the best bits came while I was preaching. One of the toddlers who comes walked straight up to the front of the church, stood in front of me as I was speaking and started playing with microphone cables whilst enjoying a good close-up of the projector screen, chattering away as he did so! It just blessed me deeply becasue it was evidence that Hill City Church has become the church that I always felt it needed to be – a Scrambled Egg Church!

Now I can’t claim to have invented the phrase ‘Scambled Egg Church’, I’ve shamelessly nicked it from my friend Sean Stillman of Zac’s Place in Swansea. I once heard Sean describe his vision for scambled egg church and it struck such a chord with me that I’ve never forgotten it.

In short, some churches are Poached Egg churches – clean, tidy and predictable. The white stays white, the yellow stays yellow and it all fits snuggly on the neat square of toast. If there’s any ketchup involved it’s placed to the side of the toast for dipping. No chaos and no mess! We all probably have a fair idea what sort of churches fit into the Poached Egg category. They’re the sort of church in which real people with real problems struggle to find their place because they’re completely alien to the cosy Christian subculture they’re confronted with.

Scrambled Egg Churches on the other hand, have white, yellow and ketchup all mashed-up together. There’s bits hanging off the toast, bits that won’t stay on the fork and generally bits of egg everywhere! These are the sorts of church in which all sorts of people with all sorts of problems can come and meet Jesus in the midst of a community of believers who embrace the sanctified chaos of the gospel in the real world!

If the church today is going to faithfully and effectively reach out to real people in the real world, we need to be willing to let go of our precious Poached Egg religion and embrace the challenge of gospel-focussed Scrambled Egg Church.

For what it’s worth – I love Scambled Egg

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