To Thank A Thief

to catch a thiefSeveral years ago my mam bought me a book that she thought I’d enjoy in light of the ministries that I’m involved with in prisons and on the streets. The book was To Catch A Thief by Richard Taylor, and it tells the gripping story of Richard’s dramatic conversion from a life of crime and drug addiction to one of faith, hope and love. It was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down, finishing the whole thing in a few days. A cracking read!

When I heard that he was one of the speakers at this year’s Cardiff Men’s Convention I was buzzin as his is a story that will capture the attention of anyone. Anyway, he preached a blinder (or an un-blinder if we’re talking about spiritual eyes!) with many responding to the gospel appeal that day. God has clearly blessed him with a phenomenal gift in gospel proclamation. However, in speaking to him afterwards I also found him to also be incredibly down to earth and accessible, so we chatted for quite a while about my church (Hill City) in the Eastern Valley and Victory Outreach, of which he is the national director, based in the valley next door.

I caught up with Richard again on Monday evening as he was speaking at the Ignite event that I was hosting in Cardiff. Again he preached well and around 40 young people responded to the gospel. Afterwards he gave me a massive pile of his book for absolutely free, telling me to distribute them to as many ruffnecks as I could find to take them, with the promise of more if I needed! For a small church plant on a tight budget in a community like this – it was such a blessing to us! We’re more than up for the challenge of putting them in the hands of as many thirsty souls as we can find!

So I just want to say “Thanks and God bless you!” to Mr Taylor – a true trophy and ambassador of God’s amazing grace.

NB. You can keep up with Richard Taylor’s life and ministry by checking out his blog.

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