cold barn farmYesterday was cool!

Obviously not ‘cool’ in a temperature sense of the word as it was a scorching day that actually felt like we might get a summer after all! No what I mean is that it was ‘cool’ in the slang sense of the word. In church we were very low in number for various reasons, but had loads of new faces, including several youth off the estate. I wasn’t preaching yesterday so after the worship time I decided to take a step into the unknown and go out to help with Sunday School.

Oh my days I loved it!

We played some crazy games then studied the bit in the Bible about God’s promise of a baby to Abraham and Sarah, before doing some craft and colouring. Next to our table in the small area that we’ve got available was a creche mat for our smallest church members who were full of energy and fun. Outside on the picnic tables in the sunshine, two of our team were doing bible studies with the teenagers – all of whom are fresh from the streets and completely new to the whole church thing but full of questions. Over half of our congregation was under 16 yesterday!!

After the sermon (which I’m told was a corker!) everyone got their refreshments and got to socialise outside in the gorgeous sunshine, with one of the most breath-taking views that any church in Wales could have. During this time one of the ladies off the estate told me that she had got saved during the week and would I be willing to baptise her?! (Didn’t have to think long about that one!)


I love Hill City Church!!

To top it all off it was Elen’s third birthday too, so we got to bless her with some pressies then head off to Cardiff to celebrate with our fantastic family who had worked their socks  off to decorate Nanny and Bampi’s house to the max. God bless them all!

All in all – a very cool Sunday!

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