Still Alive

Just wanted to reassure those of you who regularly read this blog that I’m still alive and haven’t fallen down a manhole or anything. I just haven’t had a chance to post anything this week as I’ve been hectic preparing 2 sermons that I’d really appreciate your prayer for:

logos hope1. Friday Evening – Ignite onboard the Logos Hope (Evangelistic). I’m preaching the prayer of Jonah at a sold-out youth event onboard OM’s mahoossive floating mission station Logos Hope, currently moored in Cardiff Bay. Please pray that God’s gospel would take root in many young lives and that salvation would come.

2. Sunday Morning – Hill City Church (Pastoral). I’m preaching an important sermon on the subject of depression, based on Psalm 42&43. Depression is a huge problem in this valley (check out my earlier post). Please pray that God would speak through His Word to bring light and liberty into the lives of the people of Hill City (and beyond) who I love.

Thanks guys – Lessons I’ve Learned From My Little Girl series re-commencing soon.

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