Sanctified Rant – Top Posts

top-of-the-popsI’ve just noticed that this blog passed the 5,000 hits mark today (that doesn’t include my own visits) which incredibly works out at close to 1,000 hits per month. Buzzin! So I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who reads, comments and enjoys the Sanctified Rant. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who take an interest in what I’m up to and like to tune in to my rambled thoughts.

Anyway, I thought I’d post up the top 8 posts from the last 5 months, just in case you were interested:

  1. About Dai – Quite why my profile is the top post I’ve got no idea, but the stats don’t lie!
  2. Trevolution Successfully Launched – The incarnation of our bangin’ new youth outreach event rolls in at number 2.
  3. Bible Overview – What Happened To The Tattoo – One of my earliest and most controversial posts that questioned why the bloke on the cover of my copy of Steve Levy’s book had a tattoo air-brushed off.
  4. The Sanctified Rant – The official announcement that I had joined the Blog Squad.
  5. Please Pray For Trevolution – A post requesting urgent prayer after a particularly rough night at Trevolution.
  6. What Are The Valleys? – A bit of informal research that sought to understand the ways in which different people perceive the South Wales Valleys.
  7. Multiple Deprivation = Missional Obligation – A impassioned post that highlighted the poverty of the Valleys and the urgent need for the church to respond.
  8. New Breed Church Planting – A post that annoucned the official birth of the New Breed church planting network that I run with my very good friend Peyton Jones.

So there we have it guys – the top 8 posts of the Sanctified Rant so far ( I would have done Top 10 but WordPress only provide stats for the top 8!)

Hope to share plenty more with you in the future.

God bless you.


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