Back In The Studio

studio picOn Saturday I’m travelling up to Birmingham to record a couple of new rap tracks with my mate Vision in his studio. The first is going to be a grimey little number called ‘9 Bars’ that’s all about my refusal to shut-up about Jesus, and my intention to flood the streets with the gospel.

The second will be an accapella track (that I haven’t written yet!) but it’s the third track that I’m most excited about. It’s a track called ‘Another Day’ that’s all about the value of life and how cheaply so many throw it away. The reason I’m so excited about it is that Michelle (my wife) is going to come up and sing the chorus for it. I’ve still got 3 bars of lyrics to write for this one, so your prayers for inspiration between now and Saturday would be greatly appreciated.

Once the tracks are done I’ll have a 5 track EP to give out as a free evangelistic tool to youths, inmates etc. and it’ll also be available as a free downlad from the Hill City website.

Watch this space…

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