God Is Moving In The Valleys

sgcmAs I’ve often referred to in previous posts, it’s so easy to look at the situation in the South Wales Valleys and focus on the poverty, the crime, the depression, the suicide etc. and lose sight of the hope that we have in the gospel. Well today I had the privilege of a visit from my new friend Gareth Lloyd who travelled all the way from Merthyr Tydfil to Trevethin for a coffee, a chat and a prayer.

Gareth is the pastor of Sovereign Grace Church Merthyr and also a really good bloke! Anyway it was just so encouraging to hear stories of how God is blessing the work in that large valleys town and how people are getting saved, convicted of sin, amazed by grace, and passionate about mission. It was great to hear about a church in the valleys that’s actually growing and that has the gospel right at the heart (to state the obvious – that’s why it is growing!)

However, I think it’s fair to say that as I recounted all that God’s been doing through Hill City up here in Trevethin over recent months (salvation, grace, mission, church growth etc…) the encouragement was mutual (I started to get excited myself!) It was awesome to just reflect on the very real evidence of the power of the gospel that is at work in the valleys even today. Both of us would say we’re hungry for more. Both of us would say that we don’t want to ever get complacent. And both of us would gladly give all the honour and glory to Jesus for the good stuff that’s been going on.

But this post is simply celebrating the fact that God is at work in the valleys!

And that’s fantastic!

2 thoughts on “God Is Moving In The Valleys

  1. I have to agree that with Gods grace and the preaching of the gospel
    There has been an ever increasing amout of people and growth in the church at hill city,and I for one am thankful to God each day for his word and what is being achieved in the valleys
    God bless all who bring Gods word to us and may he be ever present in our lives
    amen to that

  2. Praise God man. Love Gareth Lloyd and Merthyr. We’ve got some mad stories from revive mission (and some tough ones). I’ll tell you next time we run into each other.

    Because the Lion still roars.

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