Trevolution: Signing-Off For The Summer

trevolutionTonight is the last Trevolution before the summer holidays. We’ve had to finish a few weeks early as many of our team are students who have now gone home for the summer holidays. So tonight we hope to go out with a bang with a Truemcee gig and CD giveaway. Please do pray for tonight – that it’ll be an awesome night in which the love of Jesus is expressed clearly through word and deed and that gospel seeds will take root. Please also remember to pray for our youth over the summer period because the summer holidays are often a bit crazy on council estates.

Here’s my Top 10 highlights from the last 5 months of Trevolution:

  • 59 youth in on the first night – an absolutely bonkers night that will live long in the memory!
  • The passion, enthusiasm and improvement in one of the more notorious young people for DJ-ing. He’s become a whole lot more respectful too.
  • The deepening of relationships between the young people and the Trevolution team that has seen us move from being strangers in their eyes, to valuable friends. (It’s nuts how many young people I know around here now – happy days!)
  • The incredible unity, love and growth in the Trevolution team itself.
  • The wisdom, courage and growth in Pete’s leadership of Trevolution.
  • The creative flair of many of the Trevolution team (especially the girls!) to put on activities for the youth that were fun and innovative.
  • The quadding trip that we put on for the youth who were too old for Trevolution and the respect that has developed as a consequence.
  • The change in the young peoples’ attittudes from shouting down Pete as he tried to do a gospel talk on the first night, to 2 separate groups of boys and girls sat around discussing the Bible, asking for prayer and gripped by the message, just a few months later.
  • The scores of teenagers who have taken Bibles and Mark’s gospels home with them (I even got asked in by one of the mums a few weeks ago to explain a passage to the family!)
  • The teenagers who have started coming to church with their Bibles on Sunday mornings to do a Christianity Explored Course on the picnic tables outside.

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