AAA – Round 2

AAA slideThis Sunday in church I’m starting a new 6 part series – Ask Absolutely Anything (AAA) – Round 2. As the title suggests, this series follows on from the first AAA series that I preached earlier in the year and which the church seemed to really enjoy as they’ve dubbed it the ‘Make The Pastor Squirm’ series!

Borrowing the idea from Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church, AAA gives members of Hill City Church the chance to ask literally any questions they want, and I get the joyful privilege (?) of trying answer them as bluntly and biblically as I can. Check out the 6 questions I’ll be grappling with this time round:

19th July – PRAYER

  • If God really knows the outcome to every situation before it even happens, then what is the purpose of praying for a particular thing to happen or not to happen?

 26th July – ASSURANCE

  • How do I know if I’m a Christian? What changes should there be in my life?

 2nd August – HELL

  • My friend died last year. He was a good decent man. He worked hard for his family. He cared about his friends. He never hurt no one … ever. But he never went to church or thought about God/Jesus. According to your sermons, he has gone to hell forever – just cos he didn’t think about religion or God!!! He didn’t believe or disbelieve – just never thought about it. So I am asking how can it be that he is in hell? If he is, then your God is not as good/fair as he is cracked up to be…

 16th August – WOMEN

  • Should Christian women preach God’s Word?

 23rd August – TRINITY

  • When Jesus died on the cross He was cut off from God. But Jesus is God. How does that work?

 30th August – SUICIDE

  • What does the Bible teach about Suicide?

If you’d like to listen to me squirm for six weeks then you can follow the AAA2 series here.

3 thoughts on “AAA – Round 2

  1. Sounds good Dai. Some really important questions there. Let the squirming begin!

    Also – am I still rocking up to do a Psalm at homegroups a week tuesday (28th)?

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