Good friends are hard to find and even harder to say goodbye to! However, in about 5 months that’s exactly what I will be doing as my good friend Dave Taylor (Executive Pastor of Christchuch, Newport) will be leaving these shores on a bit of a crazy adventure! Along with his lovely wife Emma and 3 precious kids Dave is emigrating to Sydney to plant the first Sovereign Grace Church in Australia (in fact the first SG Church in that entire continent!)


It’s going to be a massive step for them and will obviously be a significant change from Newport! That said I firmly believe that they’re the right people for the job and that God’s hand of grace is all over this.

However, I’m going to miss them loads, especially Dave who has become both a close and trusted friend to me over the last 4 years or so. He’s the guy who introduced me to Sovereign Grace music, CJ Mahaney’s life-changing book The Cross Centred Life and welcomed my teaching and creative input into the awesome VJ youth events that Christhurch run. More importantly, he’s the guy I’ve had numerous coffees and meals with while chewing over some of the tougher challenges we’ve faced in ministry, and he has ALWAYS pointed me back to grace and the gospel of Jesus. I think that’s what I will always be most grateful to him for.

Anyway, the reason that I’m bloggin about this 5 months before he’s even left the jolly country is because I want to draw your attention to the brand-spanking-new Sovereign Grace Sydney website that has literally been launched in the last 12 hours! It’s a cracking site and will onviously be getting regularly updated as the Taylor’s departure in January comes ever closer.

Please do pray for Dave, the family, and all those on the ground in Australia who will be part of this incredible mission.

May the God of sovereign grace get a whole heap of glory down under!

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