Sweet Salvation!

Glory_To_GodWe had a sweet day in church yesterday. Not only did I scrap the sermon I was scheduled to preach in favour of preaching on one of my new ‘favourite passages’ (Jesus annoined by a sinful woman – Luke 7), but the worship time was really special too.

Michelle had asked a few guys from church to contribute, and boy did they deliver?! First up one of the ladies who has been coming since Christmas and has really grown in grace in that time performed a song that she had written that was just beautiful (I’ll have to ask her if I can post the lyrics up on the blog). That was followed by a girl who got saved a few months ago singing Amazing Grace with Michelle. Very moving stuff. Michelle then asked her a few simple questions by way of testimony. You can listen the short 2 minute interview here, but for me the best part was her description of how she came to Jesus:

“I stood in my front room and shouted out God can you save me? Can you help me please?!”

It was just so real and so honest and so biblical. What’s more is that since she got saved we’ve seen her fiancee come to Jesus too and the power of the gospel is so evidently at work in both of their lives. It’s just awesome!

Thank you Lord for blessing us with your sweet salvation!

One thought on “Sweet Salvation!

  1. Dai what a lovely Blog,I felt especially blessed when the Lord helped me to write the song,it was a shame that you didnt record Michele and me singing it or the other lady singing amazing grace,It was a special time for both of us,and to my utter relief the congregation liked it,and James said it was catchy.thank you Dai and more so the Lord Jesus for sending me to your church,and since I started to go there,there has been so much growth in a place I thought that would never happen,but for the work that God has sent you to do and with his grace our little church is growing. God bless everyone

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