Off On A Busman’s Holiday


The Sanctified Rant is going to be pretty quiet for the next week or so as I’m taking the family on a nice little break to a grand mansion house in Swindon.


The only catch is that it’s kind of a busman’s holiday as I am preaching 12 sermons in 7 days as part of the deal!! Basically I’m preaching at this year’s Teenscene camp for young people from the Cardiff area, and if it’s anything like 2 years ago it should be a blast! In the evenings I’m preaching on The 7 Cries From The Cross (which I’m buzzing about!) and in the mornings I’ll be doing a crazy little series called The Best ‘But’s In The Bible which is looking at 5 awesome scriptures that hinge around the word ‘but’ (e.g. Romans 6v23). Hopefully the sessions will be recorded so I’ll be able to give a link to the audio files when I get back. Last time I preached at Teenscene God did some awesome stuff – young people got saved and many grew in their faith. I had many late nights sat on a sofa surrounded by kids as they fired their questions at me and I gave them answers from the Bible. It was an awesome week.

I can’t wait!

After an abslutely crazy few months It’s going to be nice to have a change of scenery for a week, though we’re going to really miss our estate and our Hill City Church family (and our dog!) Please pray for us a family that we’ll be able to rest and really enjoy the time away – especially my beautiful wife Michelle who is such an awesome soldier of grace and who deserves a break more than anyone else I know. Please pray for my kids as well. Josiah’s taking his first steps now so I reckon he’s going to love the freedom of the huge lawn, and Elen just loves going on adventures and meeting new people.

Above all, however, please pray that God will help me to faithfully preach His gospel and that once again we’ll see God’s power at work in young lives as He saves, strengthens and sets young people free.

God bless and see you in a week!

One thought on “Off On A Busman’s Holiday

  1. Dai I hope you both had the rest you both deserve you are an awesome couple ad the children are so good they deserve a little bit of the lawn to run around on.
    I hope god has given you the rest you need,and as you say the change of scenery will do you the power of good.I know Boaz is missing you both and will miss the children too .I will pray for that peace and tranquility you both need and deserve.have a great time and I know the lord is with you as you preach his word to those young people

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