Please Pray For Our Estate

This is a quick, yet passionate post asking you to take a few minutes to pray for our estate. You may or may not have caught the news headlines that there has been a horrific murder up here today – a woman’s body was found on wasteland in a roll of carpet. You can watch the BBC’s coverage of the incident here

By God’s grace, we don’t have many incidents like this, so naturally, the whole community is shocked by what has just occured and many are no doubt fearful. Please pray for this community that it will know God’s peace and protection. Please also pray for Hill City Church in the midst of all this. We have several families who live in and around the street where this murder has taken place, and we meet to worship each Sunday just around the corner from there. Each Sunday we get loads of kids from the area popping in and they will obviously want to talk about this. Please pray for wisdom and sensitivity for us as we seek to offer grace and hope in response to what’s just happened.

Ultimately, please pray that God’s Kingdom would come and God’s will be done up here.

Thanks and God bless you.

3 thoughts on “Please Pray For Our Estate

  1. i was working in trevethin today and the kids u r referring to were running up the road with my drill chopsaw and hammer drill in their hands! god rest their souls! if they turn up in church please request my tools back as the lord dosent replace them!

  2. Dear Lord Jesus may I lift up to you the peole from Trevethin may they know your peace and salvation,Lord I know a lot of the families in and around that street may your loving arms surround them and keep them safe.
    Lord I pray for Hill City Church as you know it isnt far from this scene.lord watch over the children of the estate as they try to come to terms with all thats happened and may those tools be returned
    Lord Jesus I ask in your most holy name

  3. Lord..Trevethin is nothing but a small part of your great universe. We pray the light of truth shine down on them who cannot forgive may they seek peace. Let us pray for those who know violence now and in their past, help us to stand up for all of them who cannot stand up for themselves. We pray for the welfare and lasting peace of community and that your light will disperse the darkness forever we ask this in the name of your son,Jesus.

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