Beach Baptism: Change of Venue

newton beachI’m the only person that I know who could organise a beach baptism and BBQ party, tell the whole world about it…and then find out less than 48 hours before it’s due to start that the “Cult Surf Festival” is taking place on our beach the same day! I’m not kidding!!!

In light of this, we have decided to do the baptisms just a few miles around the corner at Newton Beach. The start time is still set to be 2pm.

Please do still pray that it proves to be an immense afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Beach Baptism: Change of Venue

  1. I hope that it was an awesome day for you all and glad God provided you all with a nice day.I sure hope you all felt Gods Glory and that the people who were baptised felt the same feeling I did when I was baptised (even though it wasnt in the atlantic).I am sorry I couldnt be there but one or two fo you know why I wasnt,I know Jesus would have been present there and all glory given to him and a lovely cross centred day God bless you all

  2. True Margaret was hoping to go i was a bit upset for her not being able too and maybe i myself would have attended, although i have been baptised by the salvation Army as a child i know the bible does not say we need to be we only need to believe that Jesus was raised by God from the dead, people who think we need to be will refer to Peter 1 3.21 i am pleased you had a nice day and i hope it will be the start of many too come. May your God be with all

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