Beach Baptism Pics

OK so it’s a week after the event but I’ve just got hold of the first photos of last week’s baptism at the beach, so thought I’d post a couple up here, along with a quick report:

Basically it was one of the best days of my life, hearing the incredible testimonies of 3 such amazing people and then taking the celebration down to the beach where their very public baptism was witnessed by a core crowd of around 60, with hundreds of other beach users looking on (some even standing on rocks for a better view!)

The whole church pulled together brilliantly taking care of the cooking, the games, the towels and everything else that was needed (except for the numb-skull who gave everyone the wrong directions to the beach…oh that was me!!!) The baptisms themselves were so emotional and beautiful and the 3 guys all confess that it was an amazing moment for each of them. I think everyone who was there couldn’t help but me moved by such an inspiring day!

All in all an awesome day for both me as a pastor and for us as a church.

Here’s some pictures:

beach baptism09

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