Burkina Faso: Compassion Update

compassion thumbnailCompassion Sunday went really well. Particular highlights included some of our precious children and young people reading scriptures (very cutely) as part of worship, and the overwhelming emotion as people responded to the Compassion in Bolivia DVD (if you haven’t seen it, watch it here). Ask the church and they may just say that the fact I preached my shortest ever sermon (29 mins!) was also a highlight!!! However, what’s most important is that several more children were sponsored – so now around 15 of our 20 allocated children have been sponsored directly through Hill City and that’s just awesome!!

house-floodThese sponsorships will certainly come as a welcome blessing to children whose community has been absolutely devastated by the recent flooding in Ouagadougou. Tragically 9 of our Compassion kids are currently homeless due to the floods (including the little girl that┬ámy own family is┬ásponsoring) and it is our prayer that through Compassion they will receive help and hope in Jesus’ name.

One last bit of news that’s frankly REALLY EXCITING is that we have had confirmation that myself and my co-leader James have been cleared to visit our partner Church in early January in order to meet the local pastor, see how we can help out as a church, and hopefully even meet the beautiful kids who we are privileged to sponsor!

I love this whole adventure!

Thank you Jesus!!

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