Pray For The Park

central parkWhen we moved into our home here on the estate, we did so knowing that right in front of our house was a huge, two-tier playground that had been derelict for over a decade. What we didn’t realise was that if we wanetd to take our kids to a local park, there were only 2 playgrounds left on the whole estate, neither of them were nearby and both involved walking back up long, steep hills. The shocking reality is that there are just 3 swings, 2 slides, a climbing frame and a see-saw for an estate of over 3,600 people (over a third of whom are under 16!)

Therefore, out of concern for both my own kids and the children of the estate I approached the council to ask if anything could be done to renovate the site outside my house and create a new play facility that would be a blessing to the local community. To cut a long story short, an action group was formed, of which I’m a member (representing Hill City Church), and Communities First took the lead in gauging public support and seeking to raise funds.

Well here we are 2 years on and the site looks just as run-down as it has done for years. However, today we have a very important meeting with the Big Lottery fund who have asked to meet us to discuss an audacious bid that we have made for over £170,000. Apparently we have made it through the first round (which is a good sign!) and they want to find out more about our project and what it will mean for the area.

Please pray that the meeting will be successful and that we will be awarded the money to deliver the play facility that this area so desperately needs and that the local kids so clearly deserve.

I’ll keep you posted on how things progress.

You can read more about the Central Park project here.

One thought on “Pray For The Park

  1. Nice one.
    I’m chair of Communities First in our local area, and love to see the local churches (us, ABC and Elim) being involved. Really encouraged to see what you are up to.
    Mate, praying for the work up there!

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