Off To Sheffield

a29Just a quick notice to let you know that I won’t be posting anything up here on the Sanctified Rant for a few days as I’m off to Sheffield.

I have been invited by Steve Timmis (Director of Acts 29 in Western Europe) to join a small and motley crew of church planters from around the UK for some intensive coaching sessions with Scott Thomas (also of Acts 29). The aim of the sessions is to gain experience and insight into effectively training up future church planters, and with the whole New Breed thing kicking off right now – it was an offer that I couldn’t refuse!

I must confess that I am really looking forward to it, as I really appreciate the ministry of Acts 29 and have massive respect for Steve Timmis who is becoming a good friend. I would greatly value you prayers that God will inspire me and plant some life-changing seed in my heart that I will be able pass on to future church planters in Wales.

I’ll still posting regular updates on Twitter which you can also follow here at the Rant and I’ll be posting a report on the trip when I get back.

God bless…

One thought on “Off To Sheffield

  1. Hope you have a good break here is my thinking acts 29 was all about Paul departed from Rome, and off to the Costa Del Sol Spain, maybe later to Britain, i for one don’t know anything about the Acts 29 you are visiting as they say you learn something new every day, so I’m off to look it up save journey home may your God be with you.

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