I’m Back & I’m Buzzin!

stevie tWell I’m back after a thoroughly enjoyable 4 days in a strange city (Sheffield) in a foreign country (England!) to learn the art of coaching church planters with Scott Thomas and Steve Timmis of Acts 29. There will be a more detailed post to follow, but I thought I’d do a quick report while it’s still fresh. So highlights of the trip were as follows:

  • I got there safe and well without getting majorly lost – so my new Sat Nav app for my i phone works!
  • I was staying with an awesome couple called Steve and Naomi who made me feel incredibly welcome and let me drink coffee whenever I wanted!
  • I got to meet and hang out with church planters from every corner of the UK, and while it’s fair to say that I’m from a completely different planet to most of them, there was a strong sense of mutual respect and commitment to the mission of church planting in the UK.
  • I slept an average of more than 8 hours per night for 3 nights! I’d forgotten what that much sleep felt like.
  • God spoke to me clearly and powerfully through His Word during┬ámy quiet times.
  • Through the coaching sessions and general fellowship with good men God has challenged me to make some big changes in my personal and missional priorites.
  • Perhaps most exciting of all, I can now announce that Acts29 and the New Breed Network are now officially working in partnership together in the planting of cutting-edge gospel loving churches in Wales. More about that soon, including a series of video blogs from Scott Thomas, leader of Acts29.

However, while the trip was both life-changing and strategic, I missed my family like crazy (it was the longest I’ve ever been away from them!) so trust me – I’m buzzin to be back!

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