Scott Thomas Interview

scott-thomasDuring my Acts 29 coach training course last week I managed to grab a 10 minutes with Scott Thomas (Director of Acts 29) to do a little video blog. However, the footage was unfortunately a bit random to say the least – it was essentially Scott talking to my shoulder for 10 minutes – and therefore not particularly suitable for a video blog! However, the good people of Acts 29 have grabbed the audio file and posted it on the Acts 29 website as an audio interview, so you can still benefit from Scott’s pearls of wisdom.

If you want to check it out you can find the interview here. You’ll also find a photograph of all 5 UK coaches, along with Scott Thomas, and it’ll probably take less than a second for you to see from the photo just what an odd-ball I really am in the world of church planting. Let’s just say…I’m different!

Thanks to Scott and Adriel of Acts 29 for saving me the hassle of sorting the interview out myself.

You’re legends!

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