Sanctified Rap

shai linneOne of the most significant things that happened to me while I was away in Sheffield last week was my introduction to the music of Shai Linne – a Christ-exalting rapper from Philapdelphia. Basically I just can’t believe that I never came across this guy before – he’s a flippin’ legend!

He’s pretty much a hybrid of Snoop Dogg and John Calvin!

Without any shadow of a doubt his album The Atonement (that I downloaded immediately) contains the most profound lyrics that I have ever heard by any Christian artist. Just rock solid theology that revolves around the person and work of Jesus, coupled with sick beats and slick rhymes. The two stand-out tracks for me are firstly, Atonement Q&A in which Shai Linne explains all the big Bible words that most preachers wouldn’t touch with a barge pole (expiation, propitiation etc). Secondly, Mission Accomplished – the only track I have ever heard that unpacks Limited Atonement (in a clearer and more helpful way than I’ve ever heard it presented by anyone else ever!)

In short, if you like Hip Hop and reformed theology – YOU HAVE TO BUY SHAI LINNE’S MUSIC!!! You can visit his Myspace page here. I’ve also embedded a YouTube video of WOTM Radio’s response to Atonement Q&A – it’s hilarious!

Thank you Lord for blessing this man with grace and skills that give such glory to Your Name!

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