Grace That Shines In The Dark

So mam’s epic battle with cancer has finally come to an end. The ultimate result: Mam+Jesus defeat satan+death by knock-out (the crucial blows landing 2000 year ago as Jesus unleashed the devastating cross and resurrection combination!) By faith I am totally persuaded that mam is now in heaven, revelling in the victory of the Saviour who she loved and served right to the end.

I love this gospel!

lightAnyway, mam’s funeral yesterday was both beautiful and inspiring, and while the grief was (and still is) very real, there was such a sense of thankfulness and glory to God for a woman who, by God’s grace, touched so many lives throughout her life. To be quite honest the last 2 or 3 weeks have been a bit of an emotional fog and so getting my head straight and returning to ‘normality’ is hard. However, one thing that me and my family are all completely agreed upon is the incredible evidences of God’s grace that we have been acutely aware of over recent days – arguably the toughest days I’ve ever gone through. Therefore, for my own benefit, for your encouragement and for God’s glory I intend to spend the next few days writing a series of posts called Grace That Shines In The Dark, drawing directly from my own personal journey with mam (and Jesus) through the valley of the shadow of death.

I hope they help you (now or in the future) and that God is honoured by them.

One thought on “Grace That Shines In The Dark

  1. Dai, Thankyou. Thankyou for your honesty and for giving people hope in the gospel. Thankyou for helping us youth workers in Derby to be excited about the gospel and have renewed hope in helping to save the lost souls that hang around the shops from the conference in All Souls Church, Langham place. God is SO exciting, he leads us into interesting, strange, bizzare and ultimately fulfilling conversations if we follow him. It’s quite scary! Haa Haa! May God bless you, Michelle and your kids in all that you do and all that you hope for.

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