This Week’s Banksy

Thought it was about time to keep my promise of posting up some Bansky art. So here’s one of my personal favourites that Michelle had printed on a mug as a birthday pressie from my kids, complete with a Matt Chandler quote about fatherhood (you can find the quote below the image!)

Hope you like it…

“I think you have to relish the role, man. I think you have to relish it, be grateful for it. I mean honestly, who gets to be a hero? Daddies do. Daddies get to be heroes. What a great gift. Who gets to be unconditionally loved by beautiful little baby girls? Daddies do. Who gets to be looked up at by young boys who go, “That’s what I want to be.”? Who gets that? Daddies do. You should relish that. You shouldn’t let a day escape. I think we forget that we only get to do this once. You just get today once. Teach these things, but not just with your mouth. You’ve got to teach them with your life…I can do all that over and over and over again, teach them love, teach them some security, teach them the goodness and grandeur of a creator God and the glory of the gospels, I can teach them those things, but God has to awaken it in their hearts. I can’t do that. So this makes me desperate. This makes me pray. This makes me plead.”

– Matt Chandler

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