Please Pray For Pastor Matt Chandler

There are only a handful of preachers around today who I would say have had a deep and profound effect on my life. One of them is Matt Chandler, the Lead Pastor of the Village Church in Dallas (he’s the guy whose quote is on my new mug!). His ministry is characterised by grace, humility, humour and an ability to incisively apply the gospel to modern culture. His devotion to his family and his church is also inspiring!

I was therefore absolutely devastated to hear yesterday that Matt has just been diagnosed with having a tumour on his brain and is to undergo surgery on Friday to have it removed. This blog entry is simply to ask you to take a bit of time to pray for Matt, for his wife Lauren and for their 3 children at this difficult time. Please also pray for the Village Church as they come to terms with what’s happened and seek to stand strong and support the Chandlers. Matt’s faith has been extraordinary in the face of this and he has expressed his desire to glorify God through it all. However, I am personally pleading with God to heal Matt, either miraculously or by the skilful hand of a surgeon. I thank God for using Matt Chandler to help and encourage me so much during my early church planting years and I’m petitioning Him to bless Matt with many more fruitful years, both with his family and in his ministry.

If you’d like to listen to some of Matt’s preaching you can find his Village archive here. You might also enjoy this particular sermon that he preached at The Resurgence’s recent Advance conference. I have also embedded below a short clip of Matt Chandler at his best.

God bless you Matt – you and your family are in the safest hands by far!

One thought on “Please Pray For Pastor Matt Chandler

  1. I just watched the clip and he is certainly a man of God,very charismatic and knows how to preach the Gossil,very much like Dai as I said yesterday if the ministry of the gosspil was set about and told the way Dai and matt preaches the world would have a whole lot more Christians in it.
    I have you in my Prayer matt and Pray that your church remains strong beside you Godd Bless you and your family Matt
    Dai thank you for sharing this with us
    God bless

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