A Little Interview I Did

I recently hooked up with my friend Lewis Roderick at Christchurch, to record an interview for their Life Extreme youth group. The theme for the interview was taking risks for Jesus, though I was able to share the story of how I came to faith too. I really enjoyed doing the interview and Lewis could easily get a job as a talk show host!

Anyway if you’d like to watch the interview, you can find it here.

4 thoughts on “A Little Interview I Did

  1. Dai I watched your interview and all I can say is you looked a trifle uncomfortable lol
    never mid my friend it was an interview well done and I agree with sammy ! Lewis could become a talk show host he has all the attributes lol
    well done Dai nice to hear a bit of you and your salvation.God bless you my friend

  2. Wasn’t uncomfortable doing the interview, but was a tad disturbed by how much smoke was coming from behind the sofa! They told me it was atmospheric dry ice but I’m convinced there was a teenager smoking weed behind there lol!!!

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