Taking A Bus Down Memory Lane

Just stumbled across this old video that BBC Wales made as part of their Cracking Crime series back in 2002. It’s all about the Urban Sanctuary bus project that I helped to pioneer on the St.Mellons Estate. I thought I’d post it up for 2 reasons:

Firstly because it captures perfectly the beautiful mayhem of what living and proclaiming the gospel on St.Mellons estate was like! St.Mellons was without doubt the most emotional, life-shaping, prayer-inspiring, gospel-clinging season of my life and I still hold the place, the people and the church very dear to my heart. In fact it’s hard watching this video all these years later without shedding a tear as the people behind the faces are still so precious to me! For those who never knew me before the Hill City episode of my life – this video should really help you to better understand where I’m coming from culturally.

The second reason that I thought I’d whack it up though, is that it was the Urban Sanctuary project that brought together me and my gorgeous wife, Michelle. I’d never even met her until one day we ended up on the make-shift ‘bus team’ scraped together by the pastor of the local church to help raise funds and lead the project. Within 2 years we were married, and so both the bus and the estate hold very fond memories for us!

Hope you enjoy the video! (You can read the related article here.)

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