These Words

Had a good Christmas day yesterday, though I must confess that I found it a little emotional – being our first family Christmas since mam died. I can honestly say that I enjoyed giving gifts more than ever this year. I managed to find some tidy books for my kids that they seemed to love! Elen got a Fifi story book (go on admit it – I can tell you’re jealous!) And Josiah got probably the coolest book ever – a racing car book that folds out into 3 race tracks for 2 little wind-up racing cars! It’s honestly the coolest thing ever. I’m thinking of taking it to elders meetings from now, to help make major decisions: If the red car wins we buy a church jet, if the yellow car wins we buy a horse and cart!! See how it could work?! (I’m not serious by the way!!)

The gift that I most enjoyed giving this year, however, was a new Bible to my wife, Michelle. I enjoyed it for 2 reasons. Firstly, because it’s an ESV (she’s been a stalwart NKJV user for years – which is fine – but now we’re both using the same translation as each other!) Buzzin! Secondly, as I was thinking about trying to make her Bible as personal a gift as possible, I decided to write a poem for her and put it inside the front cover. I thought I’d post the poem below.

Hope it’s a blessing to you.


These words are treasure more precious than gold
A story of love – relentless and bold
Making wise the simple, converting the soul
These are the words of God

These words like honey are wholesome and sweet
A light for your path a lamp for your feet
Divinely inspired, true and complete
These are the words of God

These words are a plumb-line – straight and sure
Sharp and precise – a weapon for war
A fire that burns, holy and pure
These are the words of God

So cherish these words – make them your delight
For they are eternal – the words of life
Revealing the beautiful mystery of Christ
Jesus – the Word of God.

One thought on “These Words

  1. Dai I can see you really bought that little book for yourself lolwe are all God’s children,the poem you wrote for you dear wife is amazing straight from your heart God Bless you and your family Dai,and may we as christians carry christmas in us all year round

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