Burkina Faso – Day 3

Another day of life-changing experiences in Burkina Faso! Again there’s just way too much to write about, and as I have spent a lot of time and lost a lot of sleep blogging over the last few nights, and in light of my friend Leigh’s request – I thought I’d let James (now known as Mozza) guest blog today’s entry.

Over to you Mozza…

What a day! Burkina Faso is an awesome country. We started the day by being picked up by our faithful guide Vivanne, our translator Ouena, and our legendary driver Matthias, and winged our way to the rural location we were visiting called BF353. As we gradually made the transition out of Ouagadougou things started getting a lot quieter until eventually we arrived at the centre of a remote village where the church is based.

We were greeted by the Pastor of the church who’s name is Pastor Niebe, his beautiful family (wife and 2 sons) and his faithful assistant Paul. I’m afraid I cannot begin to describe in words what the village was like but hopefully we can put some pictures up to give an idea. It was so quiet and peaceful. Small pockets of surrounding basic houses (huts) making up the village could be seen ranging from 1-2 km away. The starkness of a solitary tiny child on top of a play slide began to bring home the reality of where we actually were. It was a different world.

As we toured the centre camp I was overwhelmed at the number of buildings that had been built by the church themselves. We kept asking – ‘who built this, Compassion?’ And the answer came time and time again, ‘no the church did!’. It was inspiring to see the way that Compassion was helping them so much coupled with the fact that the church was themselves stepping up to the plate and working together. We learnt how there had been hardly any chance to share the Gospel with the villagers for 11 years – but the church kept plugging away, until in 2004 God started to bless them with converts. Some of the parents of children being sponsored by Compassion saw how their children were being loved by the church and consequently wanted to follow Jesus! Hallelujah!

One of the highlights of the visit was when we asked if they had enough Bibles for the church, and we learnt that only the Pastor has one. We said that we would greatly like to provide some Bibles for them and they all burst out praising the Lord! They so wanted to bless their congregation with the Word of God.

Another awesome part of the day was when we got to have dinner with Pastor Niebe and his team. One (of many) of the challenging times was when we asked if he had good relationships with other local Pastors, to which he humbly replied ‘yes I was in an all-night prayer meeting with 7 of them last night’.

I can honestly say that it was one of the most amazingly humbling experiences of my life. The joy and life of Jesus that shone through this man and his team in spite of their situation was amazing. ‘We don’t know what side our bread is buttered on do we Jim’, Dai said to me. ‘No we don’t’. Pastor Niebe shared his testimony, of how from the slavery of Animistic worship – Jesus Christ saved him! What a God! These men are literally modern day Apostle Paul’s by the grace of God. It was a day that will be etched into my memory until we meet again one day. Please pray for these people.

After this visit we had a little rest before going to see if our missing bags had turned up at the airport. They haven’t…yet. We managed to buy some gifts for the children of our partner church (BF201) so that we have something to give them when we spend time with them tomorrow, however we are still really faith-filled that God will bring us the bags tomorrow. He knows where they are!

After a quick bite to eat (my 3rd Cheeseburger Royale as I don’t know how to read the rest of the menu!) we set out to our partner church at BF201 Paspanga for a time of worship with the church. Oh my days, what a great time of worship. We started singing, but then people moved a table out of the way and the whole church started a massive chain, dancing round the building to African stylee tunage! Of course we joined in. It was immense! This propelled me and Dai into another time of tag team preaching focusing on the greatest commandment. What a privilege to serve these people by ministering the Word of God. God has been so gracious through the trip and we have really know the blessing of unity by the Holy Spirit. These people are so filled with joy in Jesus.

At the end of the service we had the opportunity to pray for two beautiful girls who have problems with their legs. Just the fact that the parents of these children wanted prayer is amazing – we really pray that God would be pleased to heal these girls and that ultimately that they will be dancing in heaven as redeemed blood bought children of God. As we were leaving we were informed a young man called Joshua spoke to us and said “Sorry I cannot join you tomorrow – I must evangelise!” He went on to explain how he had moved into a muslim neighbourhood to spread the love of Christ, and had recently led an Imam’s daughter to Jesus! The guy’s a legend!!

Since we have been here these couple of days, a love for this country and these people is exploding in our hearts. It’s a love given by God. May this trip and this partnership between Hill City and BF201 be the start of a great adventure with God. Today was a day when I got to see with my own eyes that God is redeeming a people for Himself from all over the world.

Thank you for your prayers. We look forward to many more great stories of God’s faithfulness tomorrow.

P.S – Naomi if you read this – I love you and miss you and Benjamin very much. Can’t wait to see you both.


11 thoughts on “Burkina Faso – Day 3

  1. Well really praying for you both and the bags.
    It seems like you are both really being blessed by the visit and look forward to hearing all about it!
    you have missed about a foot of snow here lol
    God bless you all

  2. Guys I am LOVING reading this blog! It’s lush to be able to keep up with everything and can’t wait for your full-report!
    Pastor Niebe sounds like a hero and it’s so exciting that we can provide the church with God’s Word!
    What a privilege to partner with these legends!
    And how awesome that we know we can rely on our ever-faithful Father for these bags, and even if we don’t get what’s going on with them, He knows exactly where they are! Praying for you both 🙂 Looking forward to your next entry…Nice to hear from Jim! Pob Bendith.

  3. not much more I can say,except God bless you both and the people of our partner church in Africa.wished I could have been there instead of this white plain we have here lol God bless you both and am still praying for those bags to turn u for our children.one of the photos I put in for Maria is a one off lol never mind God Knows where they are

  4. Class. Praise God for His grand plan of global church growth to the praise of His glory! Greet the brethren from a very cold part of Wales.

    P.S. Whilst you’ve been away I’ve changed everything. We now have a 64,000 seater stadium built just behind Glyns house and we’re on God TV daily.

  5. God is good and in control. waiting to see what He has planned for the bag adventure to glorify His name. hope you both have a fab day with the kids today.
    james, we too are looking forward to having you home. Benjamin liked the photo of you in the church pointed to it and said daddy.

  6. Hey Mozza!! lol!! Good to hear from you, it all looks so overwhelmingly awesome. Everyone looks so happy and joyful it’s fab! Those huts are so cool, as is everyone you have met from the sounds! So inspiring. Thank you for these updates I would’ve spontaneously combusted with excitement by now without them hahaha!! Can’t wait to see all the photographs and hear your stories. Is it today you visit Aminata? Take lots of photos for me! Look forward to the next installment! We’re praying for all of you, God bless

  7. Thank you so much for these updates Guys, I cant wait to hear what you’ve been up to next. Claire and the Gang at Malpas Rd are all eagerly following your blog and praying for those missing bags too. Please pass on bucket loads of love to Arnold and the other children from us here. Sam and Tegan are eagerly waiting for news of him and praying that he gets his bag safely. May God continue to Bless you both as he so obviously has been so far and bring you home safely to us soon.

  8. I’m loving these blog entries guys, Praying for you from the states and for Hassan too! Such exciting stuff happening for the global kingdom! Pete love your comment dude! Did Jeff do you a deal on the building?!

  9. Hi guys,
    Absolutely fabulous to read about your time in B.F.
    God obviously intended Hill City Church to engage with the wonderful people you are meeting there.
    There is obviously so much that we can do to further His kingdom alongside the amazing work that is being done by others there.
    We are also lucky to be missing the snow at home, as we are currently in Kuaui (Hawaii) and looking forward to Matthew’s wedding tomorrow.
    We pray the bags will turn up, but we know that God has ways of making all things work for good, according to His pur pose.
    Love you guys – keep working for His glory

  10. Okay guys, you’ve converted me! For this, bloging is awesome. It’s been lush that while were all snowed in or on different parts of the globe, there’s a sense of church community around God’s amazing plans for Burkina Faso. I’ve loved reading the blogs and the comments – Pete – you’re hilarious and the rest of you are just lush! I’m loving being family with you all, including our B.F bredrens, and just rejoicing in the gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s power to save and deliver all over the world. Hallelujah! Dai, you’re a beautiful man of God and we can’t wait to have you home again, but we love all that God is doing in and through you guys. Enjoy the snow Ponty-peeps! x

  11. Hello dear pastor Dai and James.I just want to say that your coming in BF has been a blessing for the country,the city of Ouagadougou and especially for the church of Passpanga.you’ll never be forgotten for the work God has put in your heart.Everyday,I pray that God give you yhe means to keep on going ahead.”I read most of the notes on this blog but you overrated me.I don’t think I deserve those qualification.thank you.God bless you and your church members.

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