Burkina Faso – Final Day

As the sun sets on this stunning, life-changing trip, I have a few moments to quickly write some words before packing my bags and jumping on a plane back to the UK. Both James and I will be posting our final reflections once we’ve settled back home, so this is not a final round-up. Rather it’s our final post from Burkina Faso and a brief summary of what went down on our final day.

This morning we had the privilege of meeting with all the leaders of SIM Paspanga Church (about 20 of them) to worship, pray and teach the Bible. We taught on a sunject that we had decided on before we’d even come to Burkina – the need for our churches to be Biblically Faithful, Christ Centred, Spirit Filled, and Mission Focussed. Both me and James felt that it was a timely message for all of us and that, by His grace, God had spoken through us. The leaders certainly responded very positively to what we had to say – it’s so humbling to have been able to serve these people in the gospel – Hallelujah!!

After the teaching sessions we went on a prayer walk around Paspanga, seeking God to break through in power and believing in faith that He will! The difference between driving though an area and walking through it is huge. The immense scale of poverty and devastation of the recent floods was shocking. So shocking in fact that I went out later with a camera to get some photos.

The biggest blessing, however, came as I walked the streets with my new friend Joseph (possibly the most passionate evangelist I’ve met). We bumped into Karelle’s father who, even thoug Karelle was in school, invited us in for refreshments. He and his wife are so lush and it was awesome spending time with just them. Joseph invited Karelle’s dad to church and he said he’d come! Hallelujah!! He also said that he’d visited the church the previous evening to drop off a gift he had made for me and the family! When we got back to the centre, I was given some little baskets for spices and a decoration to hang from my rear-view car mirror! I was blown away – this man was so determined to bless my family that, despite his poverty, he had made something with his own hands. It was so humbling!

Back at the church we gave gifts to the church, and also books to some of the leaders who we have got to know and love so much this week. They presented James with a locally made folder for documents, but it was their gift to us, as Hill City Church, that literally reduced me to tears. It was a custom made picture that spoke of the new gospel partnership between Hill City and Sim Paspanga. Just unbelievable – check the picture out!

After this we ate a gorgeous traditional lunch together, then came the goodbyes. As you’d expect it was easier than saying goodbye to the kids yesterday, but still very emotional!! Pastor Robert, Elder Joseph and Compassion team leader Kaleb have been such an encouragement to us and we’ll miss them loads. I even gave Pastor Robert a hug (but don’t tell Keith or Jeff!) However, we are also missing our own families loads and ready to jump back on a plane and come home. So after our faithful driver Matthias and legendary interpreter Ouena took us on a final trip around the shops to buy a few gifts (by the way – shopping in Ouagadougou market is intense – I almost went nuts!!) we headed back to the Joly Hotel for a final meal before packing our bags and checking out.

This trip has been so incredibly transformational – you can expect us to bang on about it for a good while to come. However, in the meantime please just pray that the snow allows us to land in Heathrow, and that our bags make it home too.

Thanks so much for the prayers! Can’t wait to see you soon!

9 thoughts on “Burkina Faso – Final Day

  1. As I said to naomi last night I pray that the weather holds out long enugh to get you home,I personally dont think I will see you both till the snow melt enough up where we live,bt looks like a briliant trip you both had look forward to hearing more when we finally meat up back home
    God bless you both

  2. lets hope the snow melts soon margaret. I still stuck at my mum’s too. They have landed in Casablanca and due to leave there at midday to land at heathrow later this afternoon.

  3. Praying for their safe return and your reunion as a family, (we secretly know James would love the challenge of trekking over snow capped mountains to be with you guys again lol!!!) Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow it’s gonna be amazing 🙂 x

  4. It was a great pleasur to have both of you pastors with us. This partnership is a Divine plan. We are missing you and your congregation. hope to see you one day again.
    I do beleive that nothing is impossible to our God for you trip back home.
    Joseph Dayamba from Burkina Faso

  5. Joseph! It’s so cool knowing our Burkina Faso family are reading this!! Can’t wait to meet you guys xxx

  6. Joseph I cannot describe what and honour it was to come to Ouagadougou, to meet with you and all Paspanga Church, to worship with you, share the scriptures with you and to see the way that you are reaching out with compassion to the people of your community. I particularly enjoyed walking the streets and praying with you and hearing your heart for Jesus. I will be praying that God will fulfil your dreams of seeing many young people come to Him through Jesus! I also pray that you will have opportunities to see Karelle’s parents again and to see them come to Christ also!

    Thank you so much for your warm welcome and your gospel heart. I truly hope to return again soon as I have fallen in love with you country and your church!

    God bless you brother – you are firmly in my prayers!


  7. Joseph, what a lovely treat to see your comments on Dai’s blog. We have been hearing such wonderful things about you and the work you are doing there. I feel as if I know you already from all the stories we’ve heard from Dai and Jim. I hope one day to have the privilege of meeting you in person. God Bless you Joseph and all those beautiful children you work with.

  8. I feel like a gatecrasher but felt I had to let you know what an encouragement its been following your trip to Burkina Faso, its great to see God working and blessing all those who honour Him.Even though we are not part of your church (we are the Malpas road girls who gatecrashed the baptism last year!) we uphold you all in prayer. If you need any help let us know.

    Abi, Bev & Claire

  9. Thanks a lot for the encouragement Abi. We were really aware of the prayers of the saints while we were away – nice to know that they weren’t all from Hill City but were coming from Malpas Road too! Really chuffed that the adventure was exciting for you guys too.

    God bless you.


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