Responding to Haiti

The horrifying scenes of devastation and subsequent lawlessness in Haiti that followed the recent earthquake have shocked the world. It is impossible to remain unmoved by the sheer scale of suffering that this catastrophy has unleashed on an already impoverished nation. It’s been amazing to see just how many are already giving sacrificially towards the massive relief that is already underway in Haiti.

The challenge always presents itself at times such as this, how should we respond? Perhaps more significantly, how should the church respond?

I have encouraged the Christians at Hill City Church to respond in three ways:

1. Prayer is of course the most obvious and most powerful tool that we have. We must pray urgently and earnestly for Haiti.

2. We should give financially towards the immediate relief effort in order to alleviate suffering and to provide those who have lost everything with much needed supplies. If you haven’t given already I would personally recommend Compassion as they are ethical, efficient and their ministry is already firmly established in Haiti. The fastest way is to donate online at:

3. As Christians we have a responsibility to stand alongside our suffering brothers and sisters in Haiti (Galatians 6v10). A great ministry to support in this work is Churches Helping Churches – an awesome Christian organisation that has been established as a direct response to what has just happened in Haiti. Their vision is to providing the Haitan church with practical aid, encouragement and support, whilst also assisting in the rebuilding and replanting of churches. They recently produced the video below to further raise awareness of the sheer scale of what horror faces the church and people of Haiti right now. You can donate to CHC online at

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